Born & raised in Belgium, the country of chocolate, we believe in making chocolate out of only natural ingredients.
Handmade in Norway, based on unique Belgian chocolate principles & traditions.
Only premium natural ingredients without preservatives and additives.

Stéphanie Allard chocolate offer a unique experience & pleasure that we want to share with you.
Because only the best is good enough for you.

Life is better when it’s chocolate coated

What we offer is uniquecreativitymasterpieces

The company was established in 2018. Launched at the taste expo SMAK2020, in March 2020 (Lillestrøm, Norway). The exclusive Stéphanie Allard chocolate is the composition from different types of only the best raw Belgian chocolate. This composition is made in our production facility in Norway & makes our products unique. The combination with premium ingredients in unique colourful shapes makes Stéphanie Allard products exclusive.

  • High quality
  • Innovation
  • Handcraft
  • A lot of different natural flavours
  • Masterpieces
  • Creativity
  • Diverse natural tastes
Stéphanie Allard Assortment2
Stéphanie Allard - Minis chocolate
Stéphanie Allard Assortment1
Stéphanie Allard Chocolat Spoon
Stéphanie Allard - Crispy delight chocolate
Stéphanie Allard Assortment5
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