Sales points

Pick up chocolate and gelato (ice cream) by appointment.
Order via contact form
Address: Åveien 7, 2440 Engerdal

ENGERDAL – Femundmat AS, Engerdalsveien 1789
KOPPANG – Margeritt Blomster og Gaver As, Storgata 99
TRYSIL – Fru Skjæraasen, Løkjavegen 14
– Sunkost, Brugt 1

Reko-ringen delivery places:
What is REKO-ringen?
It is a distribution channel for producers. Reko-ringen acts as a contact platform between costumers and local producers without intermediaries.
Sales process?
We post an announcement with the products and prices on the Facebook page from Reko-ringen.
Customers order by commenting below the announcement.
We confirm the order with the total price. Customers pay in advance.
All orders are binding.
The goods must be picked up at the set time & at the set place.